Outdoor Rules

The OCRSL is about enjoyment and participation in soccer for all players.

Fair Play and Respect

  • The OCRSL rules promote the recreational nature of play, the involvement of all players equally, encourages all players to participate in the game, and to help players in learning and improving their skills.
  • Players should respect each other and all officials and volunteers. Disrespect can lead to suspension from the remainder of the game and possibly for the remainder of the season.
  • Swearing is not permitted on or off the field -- At least try.
  • Teams are reminded to involve everyone equally and fairly in the game regardless of gender or experience.


  • Shin pads are mandatory. Cleats (not metal) or turf shoes are permitted. Sneakers are not recommended for safety.
  • Bring water/juice. No alcohol is permitted.
  • Any player acting in an aggressive or overly physical manner will be warned. If the player does not heed the warning, then immediate suspension for the remainder of the game, and possibly for the remainder of the season.
  • No refunds will be given to any players suspended for the season.
  • Unregistered players cannot participate in OCRSL games.


  • This is recreational soccer and rough play is not permitted.
  • Regular FIFA rules are followed, with exceptions as noted here
  • No sliding or slide tackles (even if another player is not around).
  • No high kicks including bicycle kicks (even if another player is not around).
  • No roughness, shirt grabbing, player grabbing, pushing, or elbowing other players.
  • No intimidation of players allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: screaming, elbowing, inappropriate remarks, kicking.
  • The keep is not to be charged. Period! This includes anything that puts the keeper at risk. Keepers should call for the ball to help avoid any issues. However, players should not assume that they will always call out.
  • The referee shall be responsible for the conduct of the game in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game and OCRSL Rules.
  • Referees who are also registered players in the OCRSL may be called on to referee games.


  • A team on the field will consist of no more than 11 players, and if numbers permit at least 3 of whom should be females (outdoor). Captains are responsible for manging their line substitutions to accomodate this rule when possible.
  • A team may borrow as many OCRSL registered players from other teams. Captains are encouraged to first recruit female players for substitutions, and also carry a minimum of 2 to 3 substitutes if players are available.
  • Teams are required to follow the rules of the OCRSL and to support them to the fullest.


  • Games will start on time so that subsequent games are not delayed.
  • Teams not fielding the minimum number of required players when the game starts will forfeit the game. In the case of a forfeit, a scrimmage will take place with registered players joining in. 7 players including 2 females (outdoor). Team Captains and Assistants are requested to inform and remind all players of rules, upcoming games, and social events.


  • Scores are not recorded.
  • Teams should not be running up the score (greater than a 3 goal differential) to maintain the overall spirit of the league.
  • Players are encouraged to switch up positions and not poach, especially when they have a lead of 3 or more goals.
  • Remember, this is recreational soccer and have Fun!