Welcome to the Ottawa Coed Recreational Soccer League website.

Welcome to the Winter 2021 season.

The cost for Winter 2021 is $200 for 12 games start October 30th. The 7 on 7 games will be played at 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm on Saturday evenings at the Coliseum Dome.

To register, please visit register on this website. If you've played before, be sure to login before registering.

The league is using the Coliseum Dome’s established COVID-19 screening protocols, available here. Unless performed by the Coliseum Dome staff at check-in, players will be required to submit an electronic confirmation of COVID-19 pre-screening within 24 hours of their scheduled game to the league administrators.

Proof of second dose vaccination for COVID-19 will be required to register.

Players will be instructed by email to bring a black and white jersey to their games, as the league will not be distributing uniforms. This is to avoid players borrowing jerseys from each other.

  • Please carry your proof of double vaccination to all games.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled game time and leave immediately after your game has ended.
  • There will be a 5 minute changeover between rentals, you must wait until the field/area is cleared before entering the field of play.
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times while in indoor spaces, except for when engaging in activity on a field of play.
  • We encourage players to bring their own hand sanitizer.
  • Washrooms will not be available for use.
  • Players only are to be present at games, no spectators.
  • Social distancing should be followed with a 2 metre separation guideline both on the sidelines and in the game where practicable.
  • Physical contact should be avoided as much as possible. Look for opportunities to win the ball by intercepting passes and then moving the ball quickly.
  • Wear your gear so you do not need to change when you get to the field.
  • All free kicks outside the penalty area will be indirect free kicks.
  • Heading the ball is not permitted.
  • No touching the ball by hands except by the keeper with gloves.
  • Players allowed in the goal box will be limited to 2 offenders, 2 defenders and the keeper, at corner kicks.
  • No handshaking at the end of play (a distanced wave or bow instead).
  • We encourage players to download the COVID Alert App (available here).

You can subscribe to the mailing list to receive email notifications when new seasons are available to register in.

This website contains all of the details about the OCRSL and provides registered players personal schedules and team information. Registered players can access league resources by logging in with their credentials on the top right of the page. To become a registered player, and obtain credentials, refer to the register link in the menu above.


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